Police Officers Charged With Murder

GEORGETOWN (CMC) | Two police officers are due to re-appear in court on December 5, after they were charged with the murder of a businessman who was shot last month.

Police corporal Derwin Eastman and Jemison Williams appeared in the magistrate’s court charged with the murder of businessman, Godfrey Scipio, who was shot on October 12, as he left a hotel in the company of a lady friend.

Police had earlier charged a former convict with the murder. The man is alleged to have fingered the two police officers in the killing.

The attorneys for the police officers asked the court to ensure the safety of their clients since as detectives they would have been involved in investigating cases in which the suspects are now behind bars or on remand.

Eastman, had once been named and honoured as the Best Cop in the Guyana Police Force.