The Grave Diggers in the White House

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Dr. Basil Wilson 

It became abundantly clear from the first day Donald Trump assumed the reins of the Executive Branch of the United States government that the New York billionaire was inept at governing but adept at grave digging.  Trump’s inaugural address will be remembered as one of the more non-magnanimous speeches in the history of the American Republic.  But the travails that Trump is experiencing in the early days of his Presidency are a reflection of the scorched earth policy he embarked upon to get to the White House.

            It appears in preparing to win the Republican nomination for President, candidate Trump felt that it would be ingratiating to his right-wing supporters if he questioned and insisted that the forty-fourth President of the United States was not born in the United States and was an illegal occupant of the White House.

            Trump made the case repeatedly that there was no evidence that Barack Obama was born in the United States and claimed there was credible evidence that he was born in Kenya, East Africa.  Trump was omnipresent on television making the case that his investigators had travelled to Hawaii and you cannot believe what they have found.  Barack Obama was forced to show the long form of his birth certificate to quiet the doubting Thomases.  Nonetheless, Trump and others insisted that the document was not authentic.

            On the campaign trail, Trump brought a crudity to American politics that in the television age was unprecedented.  From the first Republican primary debate, he attacked Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and embarked on a running feud with the conservative female newscaster.  In one instance he made a veiled reference to her menstrual cycle.

            His more vicious attacks were reserved for his Republican colleagues.  Not comfortable debating in the world of ideas, he resorted to character assassinations and name calling.  Jeb Bush who at the beginning of the campaign season was seen as a frontrunner and had raised a ton of money, was disparaged as low energy Jeb. Bush ran a poor campaign and was no match for Trump in the exchange of insults.

            Fiorina, the only female in the race, came in for savage criticism vis-à-vis her modest features.  Marco Rubio became little Marco and Ted Cruz became lying Ted.  In the case of Ted Cruz, Trump also attacked the Senator from Texas’ wife for her looks and repeated an undocumented wild accusation that Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

            Trump’s treatment of his fellow Republican colleagues was just a preview of his true character once he had won the Republican nomination and was facing the Democratic Party’s nominee, Hillary Clinton.

            As the campaign heated up, Trump threw the kitchen sink at the first female nominee of a major Party to run for President.  She became crooked Hillary and Trump and his campaign staff indulged in chants to “lock her up”.  Trump had no compunctions about criminalizing his opponent.  In the three debates which he lost, he resorted to name calling and insults.

            In the summer of the Presidential campaign, Trump’s team of low-minded scoundrels utilized the Russian hacking of the e-mails of the Democrat National Committee and later on in the summer, the personal e-mails of John Podesta, the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  The Russians used Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks to embarrass the Clinton campaign and also used RT (Russian Television) to spread fake news about the Clinton candidacy.

            Trump pounced on Clinton’s clumsy handling of her e-mail controversy and called upon the Russians to release the e-mails of his opponents that were deleted from Clinton’s private server.

            Despite his deplorable behavior and his boasting as to how he grabbed women on their genitals, 62 million Americans turned up at the polls to make Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States. The vote demonstrated the deep alienation of Americans to Washington and to the political system.

            The consensus of the United States’ Intelligence Agencies was that the Russian cyber criminals under orders from the Kremlin had intervened in the 2016 presidential election to discredit the Democratic Party’s candidate with the hope of throwing the election to Donald Trump.  The Republican nominee was non-critical of Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine and favored lifting the sanctions that the Obama administration had imposed on the Russians.

            Committees in the House and the Senate are at work examining the nature of the Russian meddling and determining if the Trump campaign colluded with Russian spies.  The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, announced in open hearings that the Bureau was investigating if there was collusion between Trump’s surrogates and the Russians.

            The Trump administration has been in a state of siege from the opening day.  Trump was adamant about Michael Flynn being appointed National Security Adviser irrespective of Flynn’s dismissal as the head of Intelligence at the Pentagon during the Obama Presidency.  Within a month after taking office, Trump was forced to fire Flynn.

            But much of Trump’s woes have been self-inflicted largely because of his inability to grasp the checks and balance of the American governmental system.  The President of the United States is not a king or an emperor.  He heads one of three branches of government and Trump’s interference in the judicial branch could very well lead to the end of his Presidency.

            There is mounting evidence that President Trump on more than one occasion tried to smother the investigation of his colluding with the Russians.  No convincing evidence has come to the fore that has pinpointed Trump’s involvement but his insistence that Comey drop the investigation of Flynn and his firing of Comey has raised questions of obstruction of justice.  The new revelation that he approached his appointed Director of NSA and the Director of National Intelligence to come to his rescue is a clean insight into Trump’s inability to understand the limitation of Presidential power and even more frightening his moral bankruptcy.

            In his quest for the Presidency, Trump buried many opponents.  His lack of a moral compass is leading to his own demise.  Grave diggers are not capable of making America great again.



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