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World Tourism Organization wants Bolt as Special Ambassador

THE Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) says Jamaican track legend Usain Bolt -the world 's fastest man -has been invited to serve as a special ambassador for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The invitation was extended to Bolt to attend the UN World Tourism Organization/ Government of Jamaica and World Bank Group conference - Global Conference on Jobs and Inclusive Growth through Sustainable Tourism .

"The conference, taking place November 27 - 29, 2017 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St James, will kick-start discussions for forming public-private-partnerships in the spirit of sustainable tourism for development, as less than half a per cent of global funding went to tourism last year," JTB said. "Worldwide, tourism provides one in every 11 jobs, and is particularly vital in Caribbean countries," it added, stating that, in Jamaica, the tourism industry employs as many as one in five people. "In the same way that Usain Bolt's dominant career has had a significant impact on Brand Jamaica and the island's tourism product , his emphasise the importance of this initiative worldwide , and especially in the Caribbean," the JTB continued. According to the JTB, it is "vital that the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development ambassadors can encourage positive change in policies and business practices, as well as educate consumers about the importance of sustainable tourism.

"Bolt's international celebrity ensures he is a compelling advocate who can advance the mission of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for With Bolt's status as an internationally renowned athlete, the JTB said he makes for a "compelling advocate, capable of both inspiring younger generations to support sustainable tourism to development and engaging stakeholders in fostering positive change in policies, business practices and consumer behaviour".

This will be the first UNWTO conference held in the Caribbean, "and the addition of Bolt as an ambassador will further solidify this Jamaican-led effort", said the JTB.



Trinidad and Tobago disputes UK 'terrorism' Travel Advisory

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad -- The government of Trinidad and Tobago has expressed concern over recent media reports regarding the United Kingdom's foreign travel advisory for Trinidad and Tobago and in particular the reference to what is stated under the heading "Terrorism". The government has since held talks with the Tobago and was informed that there was no recent update to the advisory and that that language on terrorism was included in May 2017.

The government has registered its concern at the specific language used in the advisory and has confirmed that there is no intelligence and, in particular, no specific intelligence , which "The government, through the ministry of national security, and in particular the various law enforcement authorities in Trinidad and Tobago, continues to work closely with our international allies, including the British, with respect to counter terrorism and the sharing of intelligence , all aimed at ensuring that our citizens and persons in Trinidad and Tobago "Our law enforcement authorities continue to monitor the situation and to work assiduously to keep our citizens and visitors safe against any potential terrorist activity," the ministry of national security said in a statement.

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